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Lana-Dunn-coachingWelcome to the world of Coaching! Executive coaching is an intentional process designed to create and support self-awareness, growth, and transformational change in you, the coachee. Through a rigorous adherence to the ICF Code of Ethics, I create a safe space where you can be both challenged and encouraged, and together we shine a light on the expertise, choices and the power you possess. I hold the belief that you are inherently competent when it comes to defining your most authentic path. Through coaching I support you in deciding what it means to live and work with purpose and positivity.







Coaching or Counselling?


Coaching and counselling are not the same, though in many ways they resemble each other. The key distinction I make is that coaching is solution focused, and based on the assumption that the person being coached is able to find the answers within themselves. While many schools of psychology may share those same beliefs, counselling is more typically a process of healing from a trauma or difficulty, a place where people process and recovery from a diagnosable mental illness (i.e. depression or anxiety), and often implies there is a problem or pathology present.


The role of a coach is to ask powerful questions designed to invite insight and growth within their client. A psychologist assumes the role of expert, and assesses a client before defining what interventions they will offer as a means of addressing the presenting problem or concern. Though the differences may appear subtle, the reality is some issues are best suited for coaching, and others for counselling. Please feel free to contact me so that we might discuss which route will best serve you in your current situation.